Thread Vein Treatments at Top Laser Clinic in Lyne, Chertsey

Thread veins, also known as spider veins or broken veins, are small clusters of dilated blue or red veins that are most commonly found on the face or legs. Veins and blood vessels are essential for moving your blood supply around the body but, when they develop too close to the skin’s surface, they can cause superficial marks and blemishes. They are not usually harmful, but can look unsightly.

Commonly, thread veins appear on the cheeks, around the nose, and on the legs. There are several reasons why they might develop, including hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, over-exposure to the sun and hereditary factors.

If you are at all concerned and would like a treatment to remove these tiny veins, please contact Retreat Clinic, Laser Clinic and Beauty Salon in Lyne, Chertsey for a free consultation.

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Laser Treatment to Remove Thread Veins

Utilising the latest technology, the experts at Retreat Clinic will use a hand-held laser to heat the thread veins. The laser light passes safely through the skin and is absorbed by the blood vessels, heating them up and causing them to contract then break down. The damaged veins are then gradually dissolved by the body, their appearance fading away over a number of weeks.

Two or three sessions will usually leave your skin feeling smooth and blemish-free, however we usually recommend on average 5 treatments to ensure the best results.

Does Laser Thread Vein Removal Hurt?

Most clients find that although laser thread vein removal can be an uncomfortable process, the treatment is completely bearable. Speak to your laser technician and we can apply some numbing cream if needed.


Is Laser Thread Vein Removal Permanent?

Over time, thread veins may appear in new areas so you may need to return for further appointments. How quickly this could happen will vary from person to person. Your laser technician will be able to provide you with more advice.

Book a Laser Thread Vein Removal Consultation at Retreat Laser Clinic in Lyne, Chertsey

If you are interested in a thread vein treatment, please book a free consultation at Retreat Laser Clinic is Lyne, Chertsey. During this appointment our highly trained team will review your medical background and will advise you on whether the treatment will be appropriate for you, as well as explaining the procedure and after care requirements.

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