Profhilo® Non-Surgical Facelift at Retreat Beauty & Aesthetics Clinic in Chertsey, Surrey

You can rejuvenate, hydrate and promote collagen production in your skin with a Profhilo® skin remodelling treatment at Retreat Aesthetics Clinic in Chertsey, Surrey.

Winner of Product Innovation of the Year at the 2016 Aesthetics Awards, Profhilo® is an effective and natural looking injectable skin rejuvenation treatment. In contrast to other anti-aging treatments such as dermal fillers or Botox, it does not restrict muscle movement or fill lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the skin. Instead it uses patented technologies to work on the condition of the skin. It nourishes it from within, restoring hydration and skin firmness and promoting the skin’s own collagen production. The result is a healthy looking, dewy glow that can make your face look visibly younger after just two sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Profhilo® is a hydrating skin laxity treatment, made from 100% Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is a natural component of the skin, important for hydration, but as we get older, our bodies produce less of it. Profhilo’s innovative technology injects the HA into your face with a tiny needle, at 5 injection points (BAP, Bio Aesthetics Points) on either side of the face. It restores hydration and stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin for 6 to 8 months after the initial treatments, prolonging your more youthful glow.

A Profhilo® skin remodelling treatment can help to:

  • Rehydrate the skin
  • Tighten and lift your face
  • Tackle “crepey skin”
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Promote a radiant, more youthful glow

Profhilo® is a non-surgical face lift, designed to be used on the lower third of the face, which is prone to sagging, or laxity, as we get older. It can also be used to improve the appearance of the skin around the neck, chest and décolletage.

For about 3 to 4 hours after the procedure, you may notice small bumps where you’ve been injected and the HA has not yet fully dispersed.You may also experience some redness, itching or tenderness at the injection site. This will usually clear within 24 hours.

At your pre-treatment consultation we will apply some numbing cream for the treatment area. The needle used is very fine, but you may experience a pin prick and slight stinging sensation as the HA liquid enters the skin. Patients tend not to report any major discomfort however.

We recommend a course of two treatments initially, one month apart. You may require more if the signs of aging are particularly pronounced, but we will advise you of this at our initial consultation.

Profhilo® boosts the body’s own production of collagen and elastin to produce very natural looking results. The tone, texture and elasticity of your skin will be enhanced, promoting a natural radiant glow.

You can expect the results to last for up to 6 months. This may vary depending on your particular skin type and condition as well as your diet and lifestyle. We recommend following a good skin care routine, drinking plenty of water, protecting your skin from the sun and avoiding alcohol and smoking to keep your skin in the best possible condition.

Profhilo® Anti-Ageing Skin Boosting Treatment at Retreat Clinic in Chertsey

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