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Bridal Beauty Tips from Retreat Clinic in Chertsey, Surrey

At Retreat Clinic beauty salon & aesthetics clinic in Chertsey Surrey, we understand how important it is for you to look and feel sensational on your wedding day.

We offer an excellent range of skin and beauty treatments for brides including facials, massages and the best skin treatments,  as well as bridal beauty essentials such as nails, lashes, eye and brow services.

Whether you are seeking a course of beauty treatments in the run up to your big day, or simply an escape from wedding planning pressures, our friendly & professional team at Retreat Clinic are here to help.  Call us on  01932 483 499 to book in for a wedding beauty consultation, so we can help you plan your bridal beauty routine.

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Facials for Brides

It’s a good idea to start your facial care routine early so that your skin looks flawless and glowing in time for your wedding.  At our Chertsey Surrey  salon, we offer a range of high performing Guinot facials and skin peels which deliver exceptional results.  All our facial treatments include a thorough consultation so we can adapt your treatment for your specific skin needs.  The result will be a glowing and smooth complexion!

If you have a specific skin worries ahead of your wedding, speak to one of our beauty therapists.  We have a range of treatments and skin peels available to tackle acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea and more.

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Skin Treatments for Radiant Skin

Whether you want fresher, more luminous skin or you’d like to reduce the appearance of fine lines or tackle a specific skin problem, talk to your Retreat Clinic skin specialist about your needs well in advance of your special day. Some of our most popular skin treatments include:

Demaplaning : This latest facial exfoliating treatment is super effective at removing dead skin cells from your face, to reveal your glowing fresh complexion underneath. It’s also great from removing downy hair or “peach fuzz” from your face. Find out more here.

LED Light Therapy : The Light Emitting Diode Mask stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin in your skin to promote a youthful, fresh complexion and it can also be used to reduce the symptoms associated with acne, sun-damaged, pigmented skin, scarring and a range of other dermalogical conditions. We can tailor the treatment to your particular needs.

Microneedling : This highly effective anti-ageing treatment is designed to improve the appearance of your skin. It helps to generate new collagen to make your skin a smoother, firmer, clearer and more toned and it can also be used as an effective treatment for thinning hair. Find out more here.

Silky Smooth Skin with Hair Removal

You can ensure your skin is silky smooth for your wedding day and right through your honeymoon and beyond with one of our effective hair removal services at our Staines Laser Clinic.  These include waxing, electrolysis, threading and, for a longer term solution, laser hair removal.  If you are planning to wax any areas, we recommend that you have this done a few days before the wedding to allow any irritation to calm down.  Laser hair removal offers a lasting solution to removing unwanted hair – but you will need to start this process several months before your wedding to get full results.   Find out more about our laser hair removal service here.

Tackle Cellulite and Body Fat

If you’re struggling to slim down in time for your wedding or have cellulite you’d like to shift, we have a range of non-surgical laser and radio frequency treatments that can help at Retreat Clinic.

Our therapists are highly trained in the use of the latest medical grade Nd:YAG laser, ultrasound & radiofrequency technology which offer non-invasive ways to lose unwanted fat, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. These are safe treatments which can effectively target stubborn fat on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.  Find out  more here.

Eye Lash & Brow Treatments for Brides

Beautifully shaped, natural looking brows will frame your face and accentuate your features – ensuring you look picture perfect for the big day!  At Retreat we can give your brows the best possible look using threading, followed by an eyebrow tint.  We can also help emphasise your eyes and produce gorgeous feathery lashes with eye-lash extensions.  We also offer eye lash tints and lash lifts to make the most of your natural lashes.

Our lashes are comfortable to wear, but please note, if you have not had eyelash extensions before we recommend a trial two months before your wedding to find out how they suit you.   You should also book in for an allergy patch test ahead of an eye lash tint if you are new to the process.  Find out  more about our lash and brow treatments here.

Book a Relaxing Massage Before Your Wedding

Another way to wind down from stressful wedding planning is one of our relaxing massages at our Chertsey Surrey salon.  Massage has many benefits including releasing tension in the muscles, boosting circulation and improving your sense of wellbeing, so it’s perfect to help ensure you look relaxed and radiant for your wedding day.

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